Sunday, 22 January 2012

Antarctic Voyage 2012 - 21-22/01/2012 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Happy Birthday to me!

No rest for the wicked, even on their birthday. Yesterday (the 21st -
my birthday) the first proper day of CTDs began, and boy was it a
busy one. After probably 4 hours sleep total, I got up and literally
didn't stop until my shift was over 12 hours later. Even breakfast
and lunch (which corresponds to my lunch and dinner) were sat
working! It's not all bad; the crew did bring me out a birthday cake
and sang to me. Unfortunately I literally had to blow the candles
out, take some cake and run because the CTD was just coming up. The
cake was pretty good though, chocolate - YUMMY!

By the end of the shift I was completely shattered, so come 2pm I was
fast asleep. I woke up at 00:30 this morning feeling refreshed and
ready to face another full day of CTDs. Luckily it wasn't as hectic
as yesterday but I still feel pretty knackered. Eventually I will get
used to the night shift...I hope anyway!

In other news, I am still alive in Assassin! Nobody has even made an
attempt to kill me. I also haven't killed my victim yet - however, I
have acquired some assistance and concocted a plan, and come early
tomorrow morning, I'm hoping they have been murdered.

The ship was also visited by two humpback whales today, a mum and her
calf. Typically, I was mid-CTD but I did manage to run out on the
trawl deck and get a quick look of them flapping their fins around.
No photographic evidence I'm afraid - I didn't have time to run up
and get the camera.

The sun is shining beautifully right now but it is bed time for me.
Good night people!


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