Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter y'all! I hope your bank holiday weekend will be full of wonderful chocolatey goodness; I know mine most certainly will be thanks to a perfectly timed package from madre complete with mini eggs and malteaster bunnies to name but a few of the items. I shall have A LOT of fun devouring the much-craved English chocolate - damn Australia with it's crappy chocolate. Saying that, I did find some McVities digestives in the supermarket the other day; they were $5 but it was potentially the best $5 I have spent since being in Australia...God I miss "proper" food.

However, I really don't have long to wait until I can eat good food to my hearts content. That's right, I'm coming home! I know I mentioned it in my previous post, but now it is all confirmed and booked. I fly out of Sydney on the 1st June and will be gracing you all with my presence for 3 weeks until I head north to Svalbard once more. I am incredibly excited about coming home; it may have only been a year but it feels like FOREVER and I miss you all very much.

So what am I up to this 5 day "long weekend" as the Aussies call it (Anzac Day is on Tuesday - I swear the Australians have far more bank holidays than the English...)? Well yesterday I planned to go to Centennial Park and just chill and read my book in the sunshine (that's right, the sun finally came out after what seemed forever). That plan didn't work out...after reaching Centennial Park, I thought I may as well just carry on walking and didn't stop until I reached Rose Bay, along the Harbour. This is a region that I haven't really spent much time in, so it was great to just mooch around and generally explore. I then headed west to get back to Circular Quay, taking in many of the other Bays along the way. The general area reminded me quite a lot of England - it may have been the fact that it is very autumnal in Sydney at the moment, so the paths were covered in fallen leaves, and it wasn't ridiculously hot, but it made me even more excited about going home. After probably 13km or something, I finally reached the Botanical Gardens, and spent another 1.5 hours exploring regions that I previously haven't explored (surprising considering I have been there many times). It was there that I got my fix of taking photos, having take none on the way; in the end, I probably took 20 photos of the bats...what can I say...I'm weird!

Today, I have done nothing exciting. In traditional bank holiday sense (well the bank holidays I don't work at Woburn anyway), the crappy weather has returned, and is set to continue for a good few days. As such, I will probably spend the rest of my holidays working away at uni (as I am now). Start the violins...

I can't post this entry without a single photo, so here it is.

Hope you all have an excellent Easter weekend. Oh, and enjoy the Royal Wedding too; I'm glad I'm not in England for that, I've had enough of hearing about it over here...


Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Videos and general info about my recent Antarctic voyage has now been put up on the ABC website, with links to the reporters blog etc. Check it out at HERE:

I can even be seen in one of the videos, so keep an eye out!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Quick Trip to Tassie

Once again, I've been shit and not blogged in forever. My bad... Last week (God, was it really over a week ago already?) I went on a quick trip to Tasmania; it was only 4 days (well 3 full days, and 2 half days of travelling) so it cannot be considered a holiday, more a "short break". I won't ramble on too much about the holiday, but here is just a quick summary of what we did:

- Picked up the hire car and nearly got whip-lash within 5 seconds of driving due to very sensitive brakes.

- Flew into Hobart and wandered around the Botanical Gardens (obivously) checking out the beautiful Autumnal (haha!) colours, and spending probably an hour taking photos of one tree...

- Caught up with some of my friends from the Antarctic trip over a lovely $12 bottle of cider - very expensive! After one of the people got really drunk and fell off her chair, it was time to quickly leave...

- Next morning got up early to drive to Freycinet National Park with a quick stop at the supermarket, followed by some driving up the wrong way on a one way street. It's pretty lucky the traffic in Hobart isn't bad!

- A lovely walk around Freycinet, taking in Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach

- An amazing photographic session of the stars, playing with my remote shutter release! I have never seen so many stars in my life, it was truly amazing. I even saw 6 shooting stars, which brings my grand total up to 7 (well I only remember seeing one other shooting star anyway)

- Scrambling around on the rocks for an entire morning in Bay of Fires - it's strange how much fun can be had jumping from rock to rock...

- Being mocked for taking photos of cows - I personally really like the photos I took

- Finding out I have been accepted for a summer school in Svalbard, which means I get to come home very VERY soon!