Sunday, 16 October 2011

2500km, 6 Days, 4 National Parks, 2 States...

Nearly one month on from my outback adventures, I have finally been able to sit down and write about my adventures for all my dedicated fans. I should really apologise once more for abandoning my blog, but I'm sure you've all had enough of my apologies and think they don't have much credibility anymore. In my defense, life has been pretty hectic since my return; I've been rushing to get everything complete before I leave on my next adventure in two days time.

Having been in Australia for 21 months, I recently realised that my "Australian adventures" were actually extremely limited and mostly restricted to Tasmania. When coupled with my desire to escape the urban jungle that is Sydney and the confines of the CCRC (and thus sea-ice), a road-trip was planned. The destination was Outback NSW, somewhere the craziness of urban life can be easily forgotten, and somewhere far-removed from sea-ice.

The trip was far too action-packed and adventuresome for me to describe all that happened in detail (OK, that's just an excuse so I don't have to try and remember everything that happened), so instead I will provide specific highlights and idiotic moments that happened throughout the entirety of the trip.

1) Driving around Sydney airport trying to figure out how to change gear in an automatic car. Turns out the car was in semi-automatic mode...

2) Driving on unsealed roads in the equivalent of a Vauxhall Vectra in the middle of nowhere - turns out everyone has 4x4s in the outback, well everyone except us!

3) Mice climbing into our tent and dive-bombing onto me in the middle of the night (this happened 4 times)

4) Burying myself so deeply into my sleeping bag in the foetal position trying to stay warm in sub-zero temperatures

5) Stopping on the side of the road to check out what appeared to be watermelons growing everywhere and having a snake hiss at Laura as she threw one on the floor. I through this was hilarious and cried with laughter...Laura did not and probably cried from fear...

6) Singing bad 90s music at the top of my voice

7) Seeing a wild emu!

8) Driving 1000 km to visit one national park, only to find that the main attraction was closed except on official tours...

9) Seeing Venus set