Sunday, 27 March 2011

Yet Another Uneventful Week

Bonjour people,

Unfortunately this week has been yet another uneventful week. The weather has been crappy, lots and lots and LOTS of rain - it's just like being back in England, but with more torrential downpours rather than drizzle. EUGH!

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of escorting 250 undergraduates to the aquarium for one of their "field trips". My goodness it was painful - imagine 250 students (mainly Americans) who are mostly all hung over, who don't give a shit, and who are unbelievably times! However, I did get called "Sir" a few times which made me feel old and wise; perhaps it's the grey hairs?

Some more Antarctica pictures for you...all sunset/sunrise themed

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Another week has come and gone, and again I have nothing exciting to tell all you lovely people. Sometime soon I promise I will do something exciting...well that sometime soon will be in less than two weeks when I am off to Tasmania (again) to hopefully do a spot of hiking and some photo-taking! I cannot wait - I feel like I'm in need of another holiday despite only being back a month.

Here are some more snaps for you to enjoy...

I know this isn't a great photo, but I was quite impressed considering that I didn't have a tripod.

and now a few from Antarctica...

If you remember all the way back to my Antarctica posts, I mentioned that I won one category of the on board photo competition, well the last photo above is that photo. More Antarctic photos to come!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

A brief catch up

As per usual, I have been neglecting my blog and haven't updated for ages (thank you Michael for pointing that out). I have been meaning to write something for a while, but just haven't found the time. Even now, I'm only updating as a means to procrastinate from making my paper revisions...(sorry Laura!).

Instead of writing a massive, boring post about my life over the past two weeks, I will instead give you a bullet point version of those things that I can remember:

- Whilst looking at ice-cream in the supermarket and debating whether I should buy some, a random man came up to me and said that, and I quote, "you're not fat, you should buy two". I will leave it your imagination as to whether I followed his instructions, but it most certainly made me feel good.

- Leigh-Anns visit, of course! Most note worthy is when she (Leigh-Ann) wasn't paying attention to where she was walking and knocked into a chinese lady down at Circular Quay, and nearly made her (the Chinese lady) drop her ice-cream. It was very funny!

- Getting very excited about the sunset at Manly, and subsequently attempting to teach Leigh-Ann how to take good photos with a point-and-click...she listented to my ramblings, but was not interested in the least!

- Buying new fancy sunglasses...Leigh-Ann made me...! Sorry Claire, I no longer need your cast-offs.

- Leigh-Ann calling me "lanky"

- Spending time with my lovely sister in general.

- A trip to Palm Beach, the home of Home and Away. My fellow travellers had no idea what Home and Away was, so I had to be excited all my myself. Unfortunately I didn't see Alf.

- On the aforementioned Palm Beach trip, stalking a lizard for about half an hour.

- Being all arty and visiting two photography exhibitions. One was a photo exhibition from Svalbard which was awesome, the other was the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition (the same as the one at the Natural History Museum). Both made me realise that I am a crap photographer...

and another trip to Tasmania for April.

I'm sure a lot of other things happened, but my memory is crappy so I will leave it there, and end with a few snaps.