Sunday, 5 February 2012

Antarctic Voyage 2012 - 05/02/2012 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

It's been a pretty crappy few days. The CTDs continue, the 12 hour
shifts seem to drag on for eternity, and the monotony of ship life
becomes harder to handle. Everyone on the ship seems run down and
tired beyond normal standards. The topic of conversation has shifted
as people now start counting down the days/CTDs left, and begin
planning their activities upon arrival on terra firma. FYI, it's 8
days until we arrive in Freemantle, that corresponds to 16 CTDs!

On the plus side, the swell was pretty rough the other day (6m ish)
which meant it was too hazardous to deploy the CTDs. As such, I got
to "enjoy" a nice shift off. Unfortunately, there wasn't much
enjoyment as I opted to work on my PhD. I did get a few much-needed
extra hours in bed though!

As of yesterday, the game of Assassin officially ended as I killed
the last remaining victim! That's right, I won!! It took nearly two
weeks, but after putting practically zero effort into the game, I
finished victorious as I shouted "YOU'RE DEAD" to Chris, the person
that had put the most effort into the game, killing 11 people (I
killed 2 including him). I don't think he was best pleased, but he
definitely deserved it. So there you have it people, do not piss me
off because I will hunt you down.

Not much else to report. It's getting very warm now (15C both air and
sea temperature) and we are now further north than Hobart where the
voyage began. I hope you are all enjoying the cold snap in England -
I would certainly like to be back in the polar latitudes.


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